Since its inception in 2018, Adhyaaya has been the talk of the town for the past 4 years. Every year we’ve exceeded our limits and set the benchmarks even higher. We’ve continued the legacy every year with a new positivity and teamwork. We adapted to the situation as it demanded from us. We hope to keep going from strength to strength. Each of these pictures has their own story to tell. Take a glimpse through the past iterations of Adhyaaya.

Take a glimpse through the past iterations of Adhyaaya.


The fourth iteration of Adhyaaya was the most unique and challenging of them all. Due to the pandemic, we had to go completely online in 2021. An experience which was fun and challenging at the same time. We continued the legacy of all the signature Adhyaaya events by transforming them into a virtual form completely. We are proud to say that despite the difficulties and hurdles that were in our way, we stood tall in the end with overwhelming success.



The third iteration of Adhyaaya was a spectacle to be remembered. The techfest brought a ton of opportunities for the students to prove themselves at a national level. We had a footfall of around 3500+ students from all over the country. The wide array of events made sure that it caters to the interest of every student. A huge success that it was, Adhyaaya 2020 truly set a new benchmark for tech fests in Nagpur.



The second iteration was a different challenge altogether and cheers to the team, we were up to it. The first iteration was a huge success and we had to live up to the expectations this time as well. Many new events and workshops were introduced in order to cater to more and more budding engineers from around the country. The hard work and determination shown by the team made our self belief even stronger.



The very first iteration of Adhyaaya. It was this year, that we build an technical spectacle in Nagpur right from scratch. The process was a thrilling ride right from the start till the end, through a lot of hardwork, learning and growing, Adhyaaya was born. The event enthralled the students from all over the country and announced itself on the big stage with a bang. A new standard was set for techfests around the region. The glimpses of the magical experience can be seen through the pictures.